Curious Pastimes is a professional live roleplaying (LRP) company based in the UK which been running the Renewal campaign since 1996. In 2016 we will be running our 20th Renewal, supported as usual by three other interconnected events during the summer, building to the climax of the flagship event, Renewal. Alongside these events, there are several Faction run events throughout the year usually open to all along with events run by the CP Game Team (Referees) all tying into the main campaign.

Curious Pastimes specialises in running high quality large scale Player versus Monster (PVM) battles against consistently fresh, challenging enemies, during which both sides have the flexibility to change and adopt new battle plans and tactics. We also offer a wide variety of Plots of different flavours and scales, both Player driven and otherwise, and provide many Non Player Characters (NPC’s) for you to interact with. The Renewal Campaign has tried and tested Alchemy and Crafting systems along with many other research and trading opportunities. We have an easy to understand but comprehensive Magic system that includes both Ritual magic and everyday Battle magic, and ever-growing opportunities to delve into new and deeper arcana.

Curious Pastimes is a family friendly system that welcomes both new and experienced players of all ages, to its rich, long running campaign.