Booking has now closed for all Curious Pastimes 2014 events.

You can still pay on the gate at the event as usual.

Into the West. Paccar Scout Camp

1st – 5th May.

Catering Wagons/Self Catering Bar Toilets & Showers

Mixed Role-playing/Combat Event

For years, the nations have speculated as to whether there are other lands beyond the known world, home to other peoples. Crafters have copied the shipbuilding techniques of the Golden Empire, hoping to set sail for distant lands; kings have awarded charters for exploration, seeking knowledge of new vistas. Two years ago, the Akesh landed on our shores, confirming what many suspected: there is a great land, a continent no lesser than our own, far to the west.

And it is there the warhost must now travel; not at leisure, to explore, but urgently, to bring an end to the current war. The hidden force behind the many foes who have of late troubled the peoples – the Spectre, the Werewolf, the Giant and the others – has been uncovered: the spirit of Terror, who feeds on the fear his lieutenants inspire. The wise have learned, and certain great spirits have confirmed, that Terror’s reign must continue until his ancient enemy, Courage, is released from the Temple built in his name on the Western continent. Story, the Second of Spirit, has appealed for help in destroying Courage’s shackles, but this will take every scrap of ingenuity and diplomacy the nations can bring to bear. And courage enough of their own, for it seems unlikely that Terror will meekly submit to their plans…

The Ritual Circle at this event will be Greater.

Arrival from 12 noon Thursday 1st May or 12 noon Friday 2nd May. Depart by 7pm Monday 5th May.

Darkness. Bispham Hall Scout Camp

6th-8th June.

Catering Wagons/Self Catering Bar Toilets & Showers

Mixed Role-playing/Combat event

When the war hosts departed on their pilgrimage to the Western Continents they could not have expected their enemies to sit idly by and await their return. It still came as a surprise, though, when it was the Ancestors of the Steppe Alliance that brought their actions to light. Just what is it about the Wailing Wastes that has attracted them there? Is it simply that, away in the East, it is the furthest place away from the war hosts’ exertions. Or is there something in the Wastes that Terror’s forces want…

And so, amidst nightmare visions of destruction and slaughter, it is Pod Rivalnik, khan of the Rivalnik Mongols, who invites all to sample the hospitality of his homeland adjacent to the Wastes and in his role as the Steppe Alliance Voice of Action calls upon strong arms and sharp blades to fight the rumoured army that has been gathering in the Wastes; Mosha Goldberg, the Steppe Alliance Voice of Reason asks for keen minds to help establish what Terror wants and why his forces are here; but with reports that the unusually unflappable local tribes are retreating to their yurts come nightfall, then perhaps it is the call from Lady Light Phoenix, Steppe Alliance Voice of Caution that requires the most attention: Bring your sharp eyes and quick wits, look out for your brothers and sisters and beware, for there is something in the Darkness…

The Ritual Circle at this event will be Mundane.

Arrival from 12 noon Friday 6th June. Depart by 6pm Sunday 8th June

Naadam. Sherratts Wood Scout Camp

11th- 13th July.

Catering Wagons/Self Catering Bar Toilets & Showers

Mixed Role-playing/Combat event

To celebrate the renewal of the Treaty uniting the many peoples of the Steppe Alliance, you are invited to our Eryn Gurvan Naadam, a traditional gathering of the tribes where warriors, diplomats, mages and scouts compete against each other for honour and bragging rights. Who will come out on top in the wrestling arena? In the archer’s battle royale? Or the spellcaster’s capture the flag?

So, come prepared for contests of strength, of wits, of charisma and of precision, for contests as diverse and different as the people of the Steppe Alliance themselves. And whether you come to prove to all that you are the best, to enjoy the legendary hospitality of the Steppe Alliance or just to sharpen those all-important skills in readiness for war, come and sample our distinctly different take on Fayre.

A word of caution to all: the people of Steppe Alliance don’t believe in “games”. Blades will be sharp and hands will not be stayed, so there will be many opportunities for surgeons to practice their skills too. After all, a true legend of Naadam should have the scars to show it!

The Ritual Circle at this event will be Mundane.

Arrival from 12 noon Friday 11th July. Depart by 6pm Sunday 13th July

Renewal of Magic 1114.  Paccar Scout Camp

21st -25th August 

Catering Wagons/Self Catering Bar  Toilets & Showers

Mixed Role-playing/Combat event

Since the accession of the Flaminica, Empress Callista Aurelia, Proconsul of the Teutonian Senate, Guardian of the Flame and Keeper of the Faiths, Teutonia has seen the dawn of a new age of opportunity and prosperity. This has raised its own spectres, though… as the prize becomes more valuable, the risk becomes more worth taking. Already, the forces of the last Python Paladin have rolled the dice in a bid for power. Who else might be waiting in the shadows for their opportunity?

The Ritual of The Great Renewal of Magic, to take place at the Great Circle of The Black Forest, offers every nation the opportunity to celebrate, trade, establish new friendships and dispel any misconceptions of Teutonia, its people, or its vibrant and diverse culture.

Whether forces dark and malign will conspire to disrupt the Great Ritual of Renewal remains to be seen, but, for every member of every war host, the message is the same… come to Teutonia in peace, but bring your shield with you.

The Ritual Circle at this event will be Greater.

Arrival from 12 noon Thursday 21st August or Friday 22nd August. Depart by 7pm Monday 25th August