Here are some frequently asked questions about CP, this list will no doubt grow over time as new questions are asked and new players join the game.

If you have a question that isn’t answered here then please contact us and we will be happy to answer your question for you.

How do I book?

You can book either by sending us a cheque, postal order or via Bank Transfer after sending us a completed booking form, the details of which are here.

Alternatively you can use our Online Booking system which is here.

How old do I have to be to play in the battles?

To play in any battle at any CP event you need to be 16 years old and above.

How do I/we get plot as new players?

Anybody can write and submit plot for CP main events. If you are a member of a Faction please contact your Faction Command for details of how they handle player submitted plot as not every Faction approaches it in the same way. If you are a Mercenary then please contact your Mercenary liaison team for details of how they approach this. Please note that all Plot is checked by the CP Plot Team to ensure continuity with past, present and future plots as well as to ensure that it stays within the spirit and letter of both the CP Rules and Cosmology. Don’t be surprised if you are asked to adjust some of your submitted plot.

How do I get my plot run for my group?

If you have submitted Plot to your Faction Command or Mercenary liaison team that has been approved then they will arrange with you how and when your plot will be run. If they have passed your Plot to the CP Game Team as it would be more appropriate for it to be run as central rather than faction Plot, then they will contact you to discuss how and when it will be ran.

How do I get rank?

Rank is given out by Factions based on ability, service to the Faction and often heroic deeds. If a Faction deems you worthy of Rank they will soon tell you. Certain other in game (IC) organisations are capable of giving out Rank or its equivalent as well but you will need to join those organisations in the game to discover this. Mercenaries cannot gain Rank from the Mercenaries but could in exceptional circumstances gain it from a Faction.

How do I become a Referee?

There are two types of Referee’s in CP, Faction and Game Team. To become a Faction Referee you will need to speak to your Faction Command or Mercenary liaison team about if they have any vacancies and if you fit their criteria. Game Team Refs are usually drawn from the Faction Ref or Faction Commands as people either seek to progress or leave Faction command for whatever reasons. Sometimes suitable players are approached directly by the Game Team to become a Ref and again if you are in that category they will approach you when a vacancy is going to appear.

How do I get to be regular CP monster?

CP has a dedicated Monster Crew which actively recruits from the player base. Anybody can apply to join it but please be aware that it is a full time commitment and you will need to be vouched for by either your Faction Command, Mercenary liaison team and/or existing CP Staff members. You will also need to be a regular CP player with a good knowledge of the rules and how CP works to be considered. Please talk to either your Faction Command or Mercenary liaison team or approach a member of the Game Team at an event.

How does this skill/Spell work?

Please check our comprehensive Rules page for details of how any skill or spell works etc, located here.