Erin: Uile no rud sam bith

 Heralds of the coming storm, by the cries of crows we are drawn. Red run the omens, red the waters at the ford, heavy on the air the stench of slaughter to come. The wheel of the year turns, and Beltane comes, to open the campaign season with death and red ruin.

As we were warned at the close of the old year, now it comes to pass; the forces of Mastery and Domination turn their attention towards the Isle of Erin, the spiritual homeland of the Fircruthen people. This fair green jewel so often coveted, so fiercely contested – why does the Kindah’s impostor ‘god’ bring their puppet army to these shores?

We do not know for sure; our sources could not say. But one thing we do know: deep within the The Great Forest, hidden behind wards that have stood for time out of all mortal memory, and guarded by the denizens that call this place home stands Crann Bethadh, the World Tree. Fircruthen legends tell that this is the birthplace of creation; it is the centre of our faith and the knot that ties together this world and the realm of the gods, Tir na Nog.

It cannot be allowed to fall, it must not be taken.

Diedrie of the Hundred Battles, the warrior Queen of Erin, has valiantly defended this holy place – but without reinforcements her numbers dwindle; untried youths stand now to hold the gap where seasoned warriors once fought. More Kindah arrive daily, and the fey of the Pact of Mastery apply more pressure to the wards protecting the forest. For all the great power that wrought them, it is only a matter of time before these protective magics fail and the heart of the Fircruthen’s world is exposed.

Umrada Cole, the Summer King of the Celtic lands calls to all those who will listen and even to those who were once known as enemy. Stand with the Pact of Freedom answer to the call of older pacts and friendships; come as was agreed at the Great Renewal; come, because nothing less than the fate of the free peoples is at stake. For if the World tree falls, so will the Fircruthen – and who will then be next?

The military might of the Kindah is immeasurably great; even the united factions cannot hope to defeat them by force of arms alone – but if we can only hold them but a little longer, surely we will find some way to unmask the imposter posing as their god, or otherwise bring them down?

‘Uile no rud sam bith’ is the word on every tongue, as it was in Manx so many years ago when the factions gathered to take on another foe. All or nothing, for now the stakes are so much higher. Uile no rud sam bith… All or Nothing.


Paccar Scout Camp 4th to 7th May 2018

Catering Wagons/Self Catering. IC Bar and Traders area. Toilets & Showers are in buildings housed on site and maintained by site staff throughout the event.

Mixed Role-playing/Combat event.

Arrival from 12 noon Thursday 3rd May or Friday 4th May. Depart by 7pm Monday 7th May.

The Ritual Circle at this event will be Greater.

Outdoor Camping
Paccar Scout Camp (Chalfont Heights Scout Camp), near Chalfont St. Peter,
SL9 0QH.

Image by Slender Pictures.