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In Archangels Reach:

Paccar Scout Camp 28th April – 2nd May.

Catering Wagons/Self Catering,Bar Toilets & Showers.

Combat event.

The Ritual Circle at this event will be Greater.

To the south of Archangel, the Mempo capital lays the Orc religious heartland surrounding the Black Rock, shrine to their sinister God, Morrick. The Dead Head tribe have called for aid in untangling strange occurrences from recent times; the disappearances of their womenfolk, their children and their most savage warriors, sightings of strange and terrible creatures. A mighty Orc war boss, Ataxia, has raised his banners, his cry heard across the wastes; the tribes all across the badlands have heeded his call and gather in unprecedented numbers. It is here at Black Rock that the first council of the Pact Mundi, made up of the factions and their allies will be called and all comers will need to decide their part in the war to come. What part will the Mempo Empire have to play? What move will the Inducu and the forces of domination make next? What horrors lurk under the shadow of the Black Rock?

Arrival from 12 noon Thursday 28th April or Friday 29th April. Depart by 7pm Monday 2nd May.

In Archangels Reach.

Outdoor Camping
Paccar Scout Camp (Chalfont Heights Scout Camp), near Chalfont St. Peter,
SL9 0QH.


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