The Crucible of Sacrifice

A prophecy has come to light and long dead heroes stir, a tourney is to be held to determine who is worthy to wield ancient power and use it to return balance to the planes.

Amidst this discovery a creature out of place grows in power in western Estragales, bringing with it destruction and fear. What is this creature? Is it the evil it seems or simply a being in need searching to find its rightful place.

What else will be found in these lands? The trees themselves seem changed, for the worse. There exist within the forests three trees of great knowledge – some say they have existed since the goddess & hunter walked the lands. Who has the knowledge and power to protect this great treasure from disappearing from the Algaia forever.

Bring your investigative flair, your heroic proclivities and your magical and fighting prowess to the Crucible and help discover what abounds there in these mysterious times.

Image by Peter Scott


Barnswood Scout Camp 21st-23rd July 2017.

Catering Wagons/Self Catering, Bar, Toilets & Showers.

The Ritual Circle at this event will be Mundane.

Arrival from 12 noon Friday 21st July. Depart by 6pm Sunday 23rd July.

Outdoor Camping

Barnswood Scout Camp, Leek Old Rd, Macclesfield SK11 0RB