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All customers are asked to have their tickets available for checking immediately upon arrival at events. Failure to do so may result in unnecessary delay for yourself and other customers. Customers paying on the gate will be directed to a holding area and processed as soon as possible but priority will be given to customers holding tickets, Curious Pastimes apologises for any delay this causes. Please note that generally we will restrict vehicles entering site once an event has started to the parking are, in order to help maintain the atmosphere of the event.

After ticket processing, customers may be given the option of entering the site to unload or going direct to the car park, depending on the location of the customers camping area(s). The decision of the Event team is final in all cases.

Upon nearing your campsite(s), please park your vehicle sensibly at the side of the road and do not block traffic. Avoid at all costs driving onto camping areas, as this will damage the ground and greatly annoy the Scout’s upon whose good-will we depend for usage of their sites.

All vehicles left in the Car Park must display a Car Park pass, to ensure that should you leave your lights on, your doors unlocked etc or it is necessary to move your vehicle for any reason, the Event Team can locate you easily to inform you. This also serves as a re-entry pass in case you need to leave site at anytime during the event.

Please understand that these rules are there to try to ensure that the weekend runs smoothly for all concerned and not just because we are feeling officious! It is our experience that if the entrance to an event becomes congested and the flow of traffic slows, this has a ‘knock on’ effect to the entire organisation of the event. So please respect these rules and have a thought for other customers and above all have patience.

Please note that we will not be able to accommodate people arriving on a Thursday prior to the June and July events; if you turn up at the gate, we will be forced to turn you away. It is possible to arrive early for Event 1 and Renewal, for a surcharge (see Prices); the gates are open on Thursday of these events from 12 noon until 10.00 pm. If you will struggle to arrive within these times, please write in to the office and some accommodation may be made. If you have not booked to arrive on Thursday, you may not arrive prior to 12 noon on the Friday.

Traders may arrive earlier than the stated arrival times if required to set up their stores; we ask that you contact us by phone prior to an event and inform us of your intended time of arrival.

After an Event is Finished
Players may not stay on site after the event’s departure time without prior arrangement. Permission to remain onsite is only available for Renewal, and must be given in writing by the Event Manager. If, due to unforeseen circumstances during an event, you feel that you must remain on site after the departure time, then you will need to contact the Event Manager through either the Game Organisation Desk or the Event Team.

Please note that nobody else may give you permission to stay on site. Your case will be assessed and the Event Manager’s decision will be final in all cases; the Event Manager may also impose an additional charge. Please do not approach the Scouts directly about staying on site, as we have an agreement with all of the Wardens that no permission will be given unless the Event Manager makes the request.