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Darkness. Bispham Hall Scout Camp   6th-8th June.

Catering Wagons/Self Catering Bar Toilets & Showers   

Mixed Role-playing/Combat event

The Ritual Circle at this event will be Mundane.

Arrival from 12 noon Friday 6th June. Depart by 6pm Sunday 8th June


When the war hosts departed on their pilgrimage to the Western Continents they could not have expected their enemies to sit idly by and await their return. It still came as a surprise, though, when it was the Ancestors of the Steppe Alliance that brought their actions to light. Just what is it about the Wailing Wastes that has attracted them there? Is it simply that, away in the East, it is the furthest place away from the war hosts’ exertions. Or is there something in the Wastes that Terror’s forces want…

And so, amidst nightmare visions of destruction and slaughter, it is Pod Rivalnik, khan of the Rivalnik Mongols, who invites all to sample the hospitality of his homeland adjacent to the Wastes and in his role as the Steppe Alliance Voice of Action calls upon strong arms and sharp blades to fight the rumoured army that has been gathering in the Wastes; Mosha Goldberg, the Steppe Alliance Voice of Reason asks for keen minds to help establish what Terror wants and why his forces are here; but with reports that the unusually unflappable local tribes are retreating to their yurts come nightfall, then perhaps it is the call from Lady Light Phoenix, Steppe Alliance Voice of Caution that requires the most attention: Bring your sharp eyes and quick wits, look out for your brothers and sisters and beware, for there is something in the Darkness…


Outdoor Camping
Bispham Hall Scout Camp, near Wigan, WN5 7DT.


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