Renewal of Magic 1114

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Renewal of Magic 1114.  Paccar Scout Camp  21st -25th August  

Catering Wagons/Self Catering Bar Toilets & Showers

Mixed Role-playing/Combat event

The Ritual Circle at this event will be Greater.

Arrival from 12 noon Thursday 21st August or Friday 22nd August. Depart by 7pm Monday 25th August


Since the accession of the Flaminica, Empress Callista Aurelia, Proconsul of the Teutonian Senate, Guardian of the Flame and Keeper of the Faiths, Teutonia has seen the dawn of a new age of opportunity and prosperity. This has raised its own spectres, though… as the prize becomes more valuable, the risk becomes more worth taking. Already, the forces of the last Python Paladin have rolled the dice in a bid for power. Who else might be waiting in the shadows for their opportunity?

The Ritual of The Great Renewal of Magic, to take place at the Great Circle of The Black Forest, offers every nation the opportunity to celebrate, trade, establish new friendships and dispel any misconceptions of Teutonia, its people, or its vibrant and diverse culture.

Whether forces dark and malign will conspire to disrupt the Great Ritual of Renewal remains to be seen, but, for every member of every war host, the message is the same… come to Teutonia in peace, but bring your shield with you.

Paccar Scout Camp (Chalfont Heights Scount Camp), near Chalfont St. Peter,
SL9 0QH.


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