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Renewal of Magic 1115: Light in the Darkness.  

Paccar Scout Camp  27th -31st August  

Catering Wagons/Self Catering Bar Toilets & Showers.

Mixed Role-playing/Combat event.

The Ritual Circle at this event will be Greater.

Arrival from 12 noon Thursday 27th August or Friday 28th August. Depart by 7pm Monday 31st August

Renewal of Magic 1115: Light in the Darkness.

Cornwall. Ever the nation of Albion deepest enmeshed in the mists and mysteries of that fabled land. Ever the subject of tall tales, epic sagas and darkest rumour. Ever the battleground.

When last the Allied Factions journeyed there, a battle was fought over one of the most critical redoubts of the Lions – Merlin’s Forge, the birthplace of Excalibur. Yet cast one’s memory back but a little further and there is the carnage and eternal wound of Polgooth, scene of the most brutal defeat in the Lions’ blood-drenched history.
Now the clarion call sounds again for the allies of Albion to liberate Cornwall once more. For this rugged, hardened land is all but lost to the depredations of the Druids of the Old Faith. Its people are on their knees, hanging on with chipped and torn fingernails lest they be dragged forever into the darkness that has all but engulfed the land. Outside of the few caers still holding out against the minions of evil, the darkness – filled with the screeching hungry minions of bloody, ancient gods – is absolute.

Yet Cornwall is not alone. The armies of Albion’s nine other nations push south, claiming the land back inch-by-inch. Saving Cornwall will require a tremendous final push, to shatter the druidic Circle and destroy its adherents forever. Yet the accumulated armies need more than just swords. Quartermasters and factors must trade and supply the people with weapons and goods desperately needed in a nation choked of commerce. Diplomats and peacemakers must keep the alliances true, in a land where even the celebrated heroes can have their will subtly chained and manipulated by fell powers. The quick and the sharp of eye are needed to scout the shrouded lands and bring precious intelligence back to the warleaders. The wise and magically adept are needed to combat the demonic and undead forces working in tandem with the Old Faith. And last but most importantly – the land of Cornwall is crying out for renewal and cleansing. What better place for the Grand Ritual of Renewal?

A simple truth has become true to a proud people: Albion cannot defeat the occupying armies alone. Therefore the High King has sent forth heralds and messengers to all corners of the world, invoking tried and true pacts of alliance to call for aid from the greatest force for deliverance in the Known World: the Warhosts of the Allied Factions!

If you would stand righteous against evil, fight for Cornwall.

If you would dare the deepest dangers for the greatest reward, fight for Cornwall.

Renewal of Magic 1115.

Paccar Scout Camp (Chalfont Heights Scout Camp), near Chalfont St. Peter, SL9 0QH.


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